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Taking JOYful exercising classes with a holistic approach in a nature reserve in Costa Rica   Most of us are taking care of everybody and everything else first before we take care of ourselves. We are honestly convinced that if everybody else around us is happy, we feel good. It’s ok if we think so, but thinking means we are ruled by the story we are telling ourselves and not the truth. Truth is that we need to put ourselves first, be healthy selfish, to be best for everybody

Since a few years the word ‚functional training’ has become very popular and we have seen many different concepts being born into the fitness industry. I have been in the fitness industry for more than 22 years teaching classes workshops and conferences and I have seen many trends coming and going. Now with this one the question arised: if training functional is something new, what have we done the past 20 or more years? Was it disfunctional? Who defines what functional training means? There is one common ground: it