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JOYful exercising – Julia
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JOYful exercising

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JOYful exercising means

Challenging your body and mind and treating yourself with kindness at the same time. Every exercise effects not only the physical, but also mental and emotional body by using mainly movements based on bodyART-training, Pilates, Chi Movements, and holistic strength- and flexibility training.

My goal is to add to your well being.

I provide conscious modifications and variations which will make your practice successful, enjoyable and help you reach your fitness
goals while experiencing how good it feels to feel good!
Music during class is my tool to amplify the quality of movement but also to connect to our inner world.

A class includes

Joint mobilizations
Holistic strength and flexibility training
Moderate cardio vascular training
Core training
Coordination and balance positions
Exercises related to the energy lines/meridians
Conscious breath

The focus of my classes will beThere are. One of those techniques is to record all the topics which they can write about and do research to find out the essential information and facts . The most important thing that you need to remember is to create the record in the ideal fashion, according to the requirements of the teacher, when they are in a position to have the ability to generate a thesis paper.

adjusted to the needs of my participants and their goals.

All we need for class is comfortable clothes, a towel and a yoga mat.

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Benefits  of JOYful exercising

The more you move the better of you are of!


You will feel more vital

Increases muscle mass =>activates your methabolic system=> burning more energy/calories even when resting

Stress relief on all levels

Relief backpain

Sleep better

Builds strength and stamina

Helps to reduce the symptoms of hormonal change

Slow down the aging process

You avoid risk of diabetes and obiesity

Improve your quality of living – radiate from the inside out – make yourself not only feel better but also look more vibrant and healthy!

JOYful Exercising

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