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My personal Story – Julia
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My personal Story

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Julia Przybilka

Early in my childhood I decided to try my very best in whatever I did because something inside of me  couldn’t believe I was loved for my own sake. I started artistic gymnastic and ballet when I was 5 years old. The next 13 years various winning titels, competitions, travels, admission to the German national youth team followed. Finishing school I moved to Munich, began dancing modern and jazz, completed job training in a publishing house, worked in different PR agencies, went to NY for some months (to dance), met my husband whom I joined for 8 month in Durban/South Africa. We married and had a daughter and a son. I started my fitness career being a trainer and becoming an educator. By then I mananged 2 fitness studios, had build a house and had brought up our children.  For everybody I had the perfect life: I was married, had two wonderful children, an awesome husband, looked good, had realised my dreams and accomplished quite a bit in my job.
Then everything collapsed: I lost my mom and 2 very close friends (my dad had died when I was 19)of cancer, neglected my family, lost my whole body hair within 3 months after a total break down… I had to say good-bye to my ideal and to define myself new and make big changes in my life.
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At this point in my life
I met Robert Steinbacher

The creator of bodyART training at a fitness conference. He approached me, an intense conversation followed and he suggested and invited me to attend in the bodyART™ education. He said he was looking for new educators for his team and that I would be just the right person.
There I was, sitting with my bold head and couldn’t believe how someone could think, I was just right and amazing the way I was and I looked now.-
And so I learned and lived bodyART™ for many months. My body changed, became sleek and flexible like it would remember how it had been in former times. In the beginning I questioned myself, why I was putting myself through this because I had to face my boundaries and I had to get involved with myself totally, physically and mentally. This is how I accepted my boundaries and the arousing resistance within myself and learned how to transform it into positive energy. I just allowed myself without struggle to feel this unknown energy and inner peace. bodyART™ taught me to let go at this point of rebellion, to feel and to get involved. This experience I was able to transfer 1:1 to my daily life. Everything started to flow, I trusted the course of life and felt that I could trust myself and that everything is ok the way it is. I became an educator of the bodyART™ team in 2006. An elusive enrichment.

To pass on my experiences, I opened my own small studio for holistic body training where I taught from 2006-2011.

From 2009-2017 I managed bodyARTschool international franchise, which gave me the opportunity to travel a lot and to discover different mentalities in different countries, different learning systems with different mindsets from people all over the world. We have educated bodyART instructors in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Belgium, Norway, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Tschek Republik, Ukraine, Spain, USA, Mexico, Canada, Korea, Australia and recently in Argentina. This Whenever you could require composing aid you start looking for efficient call us our company is the final alternative for college students who want a combination of perfect excellent paper and helpful prices

experience is amazing and I am learning from every single participant in every class and in every education!

When Robert asked me if I want to help him to realise his dream bringing bodyART training to USA starting with New York I immediatly said yes. The first education in New York was held in April and May 2010.
I keep being on the path of my own transformation and I had to face that my path was a different one to the one of my husband – we got divorced in 2010 after being together for 22 years. I look back at those years with much gratitude and peace, they were a significant period of my life which shaped me to become the woman I m now.
Since then everything in my life circled around my work, my responsibilities, my business, the fact that I have to fully take care of myself mentally, emotionally and financially. It was about facing my fears: will I be able to maintain my lifestyle? Will I be single for the rest of my life? Where do I belong? Just to mention a few of my thoughts. –
Being a fitness professional and exposed to fitness clientele at conferences I also had to face the fact that I m aging and aging means that I won’t be able to maintain my external body even if I would make a huge effort! At the same time the aging process has helped me to observe the fitness industry, its goals and trends from a mature standpoint and to question what makes sense for health and what doesn’t?
Getting in touch with the GROOVE Method and its creator Misty Tripoli in 2007 inspired me to go on a path of self discovery, to allow myself to express myself authentically through dance, to be creative, to be ME and to truly love me for who I am! GROOVE was the first thing I did in decades fort he sole purpose of JOY! I experienced pure JOY, pure LIFE – once you got a taste how that feels, you never want to go back anymore and you will never allow anybody or anything to take away from that JOY.
I had a dream, a dream which appeared the same time my daughter was born in 1992, a dream to live simple, nature connected, close to the ocean. A place I can ground myself, work less and enjoy more. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but I know when I do less of my job I love it even more! Most of us have dreams, very few of us are living their dreams. I do, I found my happy place in Costa Rica in 2014. When ever I listen to my heart, it never failed me, it knew after only 4 days that I have found what I was envisioning for so many years. In 2016 I packed my 2 suitcases, left Germany and started my new life in Costa Rica, all by myself and far away from my family. I m not saying that all this was easy, but it was worth it big time!
I believe that there is a gift I have to share with people. I work for being passionate and inspired in order to surround myself with people I can touch (physically and mentally), to bring a community of like-minded people together, which makes me feel good and my life purposeful, that’s what drives me.
My offer is to share my gift, my life experience with kindness. I feel it is time for a change…. no promises we cannot hold, no faster, higher, thinner…. time to treat ourselves with kindness, time to exercise for the purpose of maintaining our physical, mental and emotional health, time to stop the story in our heads and allow ourselves to move and be present in the moments. Me personally, I have never felt so good since I have stopped exercising for external reasons, but to wake up every single day listening to myself/my body telling me what it needs today and giving it what it needs: the perfect movement, the perfect food, the perfect amount of challenge and rest.
Creating this mind-body connection for all my clients, friends and family is what drives me!

For me personally it means:
live – love – be free

With my whole heart, your Julia
March 2018

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