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What is Rebalancing

Scientific Methodology combined
with Eastern Meditation

Rebalancing was developed in the late seventies in the Osho Commune in Pune, India. Many therapists from different backgrounds (Rolfing, Neo Reichian Bodywork, Tragering, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, etc) were at that time ready for a new holistic approach to bodywork. Under Osho's guidance and personal feedback Rebalancing was born. It was a meeting of Western scientific methodology combined with Eastern meditative practice.
Treatment Series
The treatment plan may consist of a single session or a series of ten sessions, however, each session is complete in itself. The series of sessions has a powerful synergetic effect that allows the whole body with all it's systems to be included. In this way, it addresses the individual history of the person, their needs and the challenges of their immediate life situation.


Release of physical and emotional pain with relaxation

Release of toxins

Releasing old, and holding new, patterns in the fascia

Posture improvement

Increased awareness

Improvement of mobility

Increase depth of breath

Clarity of mind

Prices are:

Special offers for 90 Min. Rebalancing treatment until March 1st 2019: $90 USD
From March 1st on: $120 USD
For 10 Sessions flat fee: $900 USD

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