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Radical Selfcare – Julia

Radical Selfcare

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Radical Selfcare

Taking JOYful exercising classes with a holistic approach in a nature reserve in Costa Rica


Most of us are taking care of everybody and everything else first before we take care of ourselves. We are honestly convinced that if everybody else around us is happy, we feel good. It’s ok if we think so, but thinking means we are ruled by the story we are telling ourselves and not the truth. Truth is that we need to put ourselves first, be healthy selfish, to be best for everybody else too. What does selfcare mean?

  1. being conscious about what do I put into my body – who hasn’t tried to be disciplined and follow a certain diet and has failed? When I talk about conscious eating, I m taking about making it really easy for ourselves. You should eat everything in moderation. Avoid carbs and sugar, especially in the evenings and stay away from processed food. Ask your body every single day what it needs and it will tell you exactly what is good for you! But you need to listen and create a deep connection with yourself before it will be able to tell you what to eat. How? Best is by
  2. movement! Incorporate a daily movement practice for making yourself feel vital and alive. It can be anything: walking, swimming, dancing, riding your bicycle, yoga, Pilates, working out,…but make sure you enjoy every second of it! Diversity is the key, try different concepts to find out to which one you can really connect. Every day is different, so our movement practice should be different.
  3. Exercise your mind – it only takes 10 min per day – there are many different practices for supporting our mental/emotional health. I have tried a lot of them and still do. The most powerful change in my life came through Byron Katie’s THE WORK. You are writing down a sentence/belief, which dominates your thoughts. Then you start questioning it: Is this true? Is it absolutely true? Who would I be if I couldn’t think that thought? Then turn this thought around in as many possible ways you can until one resonates with you deeply. This practice shows you the freedom we gain when we realize that we can re-write our stories any time.

Many holistic movement practices bring us into the present moment, they create awareness for what is happening now! Basically all we want is to stop that mind spinning;)

Only if we take care of ourselves in all 3 areas of life: physically, mentally and emotionally, we can live to our full potential and find our bliss. Research say that changing our patterns into a habit takes at least 6 weeks. If you have practiced selfcare for 6 weeks, it will become a beloved habit.-

I invite you to share my practices with me. We are going to use our bodies as gateway to our minds and emotions. A strong flexible body with a good posture is only one side effect of exercising in paradise. The close connection with the nature reserve which surrounds us supports the journey we are on. If you choose selfcare for your vacation, contact me: